Bitcoin Economy Announces The World’s 1st MLM Based Bitcoin Exchange

Martin-Bylsma-CEO Bitcoin-Economy announces the world’s 1st MLM Bitcoin Exchange – Exclusively accessible for Bitcoin-Economy affiliate partners.

Press release – March 5th, 2014 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Bitcoin-Economy continues to expand its unique product range across the globe with revolutionary products. Upon launch, Bitcoin-Economy announced the world’s first virtual Bitcoin training program – The Basic Course.

The product portfolio enriched itself later in February by the very well receivedCertified Bitcoin Coaching program, guaranteeing quality and momentum during our on-going growth.

Today, more than 13,000 affiliate partners from 180+ countries have embraced Bitcoin-Economy since pre-launch. The affiliate website received over 300,000 unique visitors.

Bitcoin Economy has decided to translate, not only our website, but our training programs in multiple languages as well. It will be rolled out during the upcoming months allowing more people from all over the world to understand and join the movement that has begun with Bitcoin-Economy.

The on-going success has also lead to an increased momentum for Bitcoins as the Bitcoin exchanges were, unfortunately, not all able to accomodate the staggering demand for Bitcoins.

Consequently, the Bitcoin-Economy Founders wanted to make 100% sure that there were enough and quickly available Bitcoins available for our affiliate partners to continue to build their business with Bitcoin-Economy.

Therefore, est. May 2014, Bitcoin-Economy will be launching the World’s 1st MLM Bitcoin Exchange that will be exclusively accessible for Bitcoin-Economy affiliate partners.

Bitcoins made easy – Earn while you learn with Bitcoin-Economy

Bitcoins are the Internet’s virtual nr. 1 currency and have captured the imagination of a growing number innovative business strategists looking at the future predicting an increased acceptance of Bitcoins as a payment method.

Through Bitcoin-Economy’s unique affiliate program you can become our affiliate partner.

Our revolutionary 100% compensation plan, instant payout and attractive virtual product portfolio have already been key drivers for many active networkers to join the Bitcoin-Economy community and start building a prosperous future with Bitcoin-Economy. Don’t miss out on this revolution…

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