Bitcoin Made Simple


Basic Course is providing educational training products and services to NEW and expert Bitcoin users. We offer the next products:

1. The Basic Bitcoin Course



After this Basic course you can explain in a smart way your friends and family what Bitcoins is all about. How to get them, how to protect them. People will listen closely.

Course content among others:

  • Bitcoins facts and figures
  • Why get involved
  • What can you buy with bitcoins
  • What you need to tap into the Bitcoin market
  • Understanding Bitcoin Wallets
  • What transactions costs
  • Your first Bitcoin transaction
  • Bitcoin FAQ


Price of the Basic course is $25 per month or $ 250 per year ($50 discount) and will be available 3 March 2014. Price is including regular updates.
A Certified Bitcoin Coach has extensive knowledge in Bitcoins and the Bitcoin Economy Direct Selling business model.


2. The Certified Bitcoin Coach Program

Certification means that a coach is not only knowledgeable in Bitcoins and Bitcoin-Economy, but also as a direct-seller with tenured success in the field of marketing and sales.

Certification enable coaches to properly guide all new affiliates through the set-up and system process.

It also enable Bitcoin certified coaches to properly align individuals with the resources needed in order to excel in the Bitcoin-Economy model.

Certified Bitcoin Coaches are accredited to help people to get Bitcoins on a person to person basis up to and equal to the amount approved in that jurisdiction.

Please contact a Bitcoin-Economy affiliate for more information or send an email to :



3. The Advanced Bitcoin Course


The Advanced course

Course content among others:

  • The in and outs of mining
  • Cold storage
  • Blockchain in and outs
  • Deep transactions
  • And more…


Price of the Advance course is $95 per month or $975 per year ($165 discount)  and will be available April 2014. Price is including regular updates.